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Thank you for choosing Integrity!

As doctors, nurses, social workers, and more, you have hundreds of lives in your hands. Disabled children, injured athletes, war veterans, mommies-to-be – they are all looking to you for care and support. Thank you for entrusting Integrity to work with you to help patients of all ages feel and be their best.

You may send referrals for therapy or home health fax using the form on this page, email your own referral form, submit through Leading Reach or any system you already have in place. Please be sure to include patient demographics and a clear description of their diagnosis/situation. Within 1-2 days of receipt, we will verify the patient’s insurance coverage and call to get them scheduled. Post-surgical or other urgent cases are given immediate priority, so please let us know if your patient needs expedited attention.

In the initial visit, the therapist or nurse will perform a comprehensive evaluation and use their findings to create a detailed plan of care. Every case is treated individually and some patients only need a handful of appointments while others may require multiple visits a week for several weeks or even months. Our goal is always to work patients toward independence as quickly and safely as possible.

We want to keep you involved every step of the way. We will send the initial plan of care and our monthly reassessments for your review and approval. Our team of experts is trained in a variety of techniques and specialties to customize care, but we also welcome any of your preferred protocols. We invite feedback and look forward to working as part of your team.