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Meet Our Administration

Jeanice Mitchell


President, Integrity Rehab and Administrator, Integrity Home Health
Jeanice Mitchell is a pelvic health Physical Therapist, entrepreneur and philanthropist. She founded Integrity Rehab, a Medicare certified outpatient rehab agency with 5 Texas locations in 2001. She currently serves as President of Integrity Rehab. She co-founded Integrity Home Health, a Medicare certified home health agency in 2004. She currently serves as administrator of Integrity Home Health. She founded myPFM, a non-profit pelvic health public service campaign in 2018 and currently serves as CEO, CFO, office assistant, marketing manager, social media manager, graphic designer, videographer, event planner, and everything in between. Jeanice has also completed numerous continuing education courses and is proud to have completed the Herman and Wallace pelvic health series as well as the APTA SoWH pelvic health series. She is also a lab assistant and is on the continuing education faculty list for both the APTA and Herman and Wallace. She obtained her board certification in biofeedback for pelvic floor muscle dysfunction in 2010. She also obtained her ABPTS advanced practice certification in women’s health in 2018. She is also proudly serving as a newly elected member of the 2020 nominating committee for the APTA Section on Women’s Health. After the birth of Jeanice’s first child in 1999, she experienced pelvic health dysfunction and decided to take a continuing education course to learn more for self-help purposes. As the first anatomy lecture began to unfold, she was overcome with awe, inspiration, and hope. At that moment, she knew that pelvic floor physical therapy was her true calling. She has seen countless lives transformed through this innovative therapy approach, including her own. Jeanice’s passion is to share hope, help, and healing with the billions of people that are suffering from pelvic health dysfunction world-wide. Her vision for myPFM is “Pelvic Health for All. Everyone. Everywhere. Every Language.” Her fervent desire is that pelvic health awareness and hope may reach as many people as possible, in as many places as possible, regardless of ethnicity, language, socioeconomic status, religious beliefs, or any other perceived barriers. Jeanice also enjoys spending time with her husband, 3 teenage children, and extended family. Between three different schools in 2 states, they have an active and mobile lifestyle with rarely a dull moment. She also LOVES travel, and enjoys reading, shopping, meeting new people, and good food as well. Jeanice often finds herself unable to contain her excitement about sharing pelvic health with others. She has had many interesting conversations in elevators, at grocery store check-out lines, on airplanes, and more! Her children are never quite sure whether to stay close by or stand at a distance when she begins talking!

Kenneth Hooten


Administrator, Integrity Rehab

Kenneth is a Central Texas native and attended Lampasas High School before leaving for Texas Tech Health Sciences Center. There he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Sciences and a Master of Occupational Therapy degree. Kenneth is a member of American Society of Hand Therapy (ASHT) and is a Certified Hand Therapist. Practicing since 2005, Kenneth has worked in acute care, skilled nursing, home health, inpatient, and outpatient- hospital based and private practice settings. He is an expert in orthopedic rehab of the upper extremity, adult neurological rehab, and industrial rehab. Kenneth has had the privilege to practice with multiple quality hand surgeons across the state. Outside of work, Kenneth likes all things Texas Tech, hunting & fishing, and spending time with his family. He obtained his Master’s in Business Administration degree with an emphasis in Healthcare Administration from West Texas A&M in 2012.